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All the lessons in this Science are lessons in consciousness: your pure Intelligence. There are twelve conditions of human life that may be met with twelve truths, to be found in all religions, around the world. These twelve conditions having been met by Truth, you may be sure that your life will be free, glad, and powerful.

There are twelve aspects of consciousness, rep-resented by the twelve Apostles of the early Christian church, and you must be awake in every one. The twelve lessons herein teach us to realize them all, leaving nothing undone.

Mind is composed of twelve powers. When your mind exercises these twelve powers, the twelve aspects of consciousness shine like polished jewels. They make a perfect foundation for an absolute demonstration of the Spirit within each of us, and so are described in the biblical Revelation as “foundation stones.” These stones each have their own symbolism, described at the end of each of the twelve lessons that follow.
The first six lessons describe the beautiful powers of your mind affecting your own experience and judgment. The last six relate to your surroundings. Let the mind go step by step: one lesson seems to be all, then the next takes you to another level of realization, then the next—till the twelve gates of understand-ing are opened.

The first time you go the rounds of these twelve lessons, you may not show much difference in character or power, but be patient; the second time, the third time, the hundredth time around these statements, and how shining your life and mind become!